Health Happens Here Mural (Mini Documentary)

The "Health Matters" Mural, was originally design by graphic artist Matt Rollinsbut the physical painting was created by artist Demetris "BAMR" Washington with the assistance of artist Graffdummy. This video provides insight into the mind of the artist and glimpse of the process for this large scale mural produced in Downtown Sacramento. Located at 1414 K street.


Mural commissioned by the Downtown Sacramento Partnership, summer of 2013, as a celebration for the Sacramento Kings remaining in Sacramento. Mural was intended to last about 6 months but was left standing for a full year. The wall is currently in rotation as more and more artists gain the opportunity to paint it. BAMR was definitely not the first to paint the walls of the Copenhagen building, but he was sure to leave his mark!

Wall is located in Downtown Sacramento on J street, between 10th and 11th.